How To Dress Like a Grown Up

So, Julian moved in, as expected, considering I adopted him.

Yeah, I know. I saw where you plotted your house yesterday.

This is his place -I really like it, although it’s not original. I sent him a regal chair in the mail. His real one doesn’t come with the pink thing, the drum kit, or the shirt. Instead of the shirt, it has a giant chess piece for some reason. I much rather the shirt.

This is the street lamp that I placed yesterday.

And this is the one I placed today. **Yes, yes, I shamelessly copied the whole setup from the Internet, we know.

And this is a water well I placed… Well, technically today, but I TT’d forward so it really is ‘tomorrow’ in-game. I JUST WANT TO GET THINGS MOVING OKAY.

I started creating a ‘school’ for my mule character. Originally the main room was going to be a hallway / locker area, but then I realised that the main room is pretty darn big, and I can’t fill the whole space up with lockers! So it’ll be a classroom instead.

*I’m pretty sure I also ordered a chair, not sure what ended up happening with that? Maybe I sold it by accident.

Gulliver landed on the beach, on his way to Sweden. He sent me a model horse, which I promptly sold. I feel like I should hang onto these things to sell to other players, but I need the storage space for myself!

Here’s a cute pic of me and Poncho chillin’ on the bench. When I went up to Poncho, he told me to sit down as well, so I did. Isn’t he the cutest? ❤

I know what you’re thinking -why on Earth would you choose Wart Jr. over Whitney? BECAUSE WHITNEY’S HOUSE IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE! I actually had Wart Jr. before, a long time ago. I couldn’t wait to get rid of him, I didn’t even introduce myself.

Pros of this situation? No more Whitney and her stupid house.

Cons? I’m stuck with Wart Jr. until I get another amiibo card because you can’t move out amiibo villagers without scanning another card. And of course, the kind of cards I want are Fauna and Beau, who cost $15+ irl. And since I’ve already spent hundreds of dollars on the AC series, I can’t really justify spending that amount, not with the Switch coming up.

*insert Kidd saying something about ‘oh, it doesn’t matter, in the end, you just have to LOVE yourself’*

Ta for now!

xx Holly


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