Turnips and Turnip Dresses

So I finally bought a ranch couch. I’m not sure what is left to get. I’m thinking of getting rid of all the ranch furniture and making this room into a pink cafe.

I finished paying off the metal bench, too. Now all that’s left to do is the fairytale bridges -if only Molly would suggest them…

I also bought some turnips, just because. The next day the price was 75, and then 70. I’m worried I’ll make a loss, since my sister won’t let me borrow her DS to visit my other town, Merlisa. I guess I’ll just have to lurk the forums…

Remember that regal chair I mailed to Julian? He didn’t replace his pink cupboard-thing with it, he just shoved it next to his bed. Could’ve been worse, I guess. This is my mule character, Eloisa.

I also tried scanning Cyrus’s amiibo figure. It didn’t go well.

I tried to get a random hairstyle, but look what happened!

Somehow, I think they’ll be able to tell, Harriet.

Next up, a little shopping at Able Sisters.

Don’t worry, I ended up getting a turnip dress.

I bought a wig in the accessories section, but I forgot to take a photo, so let’s skip right over to Kick’s.

Hmm… They’re slippers, but at least they match! I’ll take them.

This is Molly’s house, it’s almost finished. Just need to plant some more flowers outside the bushes.



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