Cyrus Goes On Holiday

Yesterday, when I tried to scan Cyrus’s amiibo figure, it didn’t work out (maybe because it was shop hours?), so I tried again today. At first I was worried…

But then Wisp explained…

And I ran off to the RV park like mad! I bought the chair, the table and the ‘light breakfast.’ Doesn’t look very light to me! Another time, I will buy the New 3DS and Wii U, even though I already have those, to sell.

This is the metal bench that I built yesterday. I really should stop running in that area.

I mailed Eloisa 100, 000 bells to pay off her loan and also some furniture items to build up the school.

I hope I can start arranging things by the next expansion. That reminds me, I need a new wall… But which one?

That’s all for today. I wanted to play more, but then I realised I had been neglecting my real-life duties to play Animal Crossing hours upon end.


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