A Quick Day in East Bay

The day began on a high note -with me getting a new ice bed from snowmam!

It looks more like a table than a bed. I think I’ll be needing a room upgrade ahead! I don’t really like the ice series that much, so I don’t think it’ll be staying long.

I also (sadly) demolished the fountain, which is a real shame because it was pretty expensive. I can’t wait (sarcasm) for when Flora finally suggests the fairytale bridge, and I’m going to have to pay for 3 new bridges, plus the demolition of the other 2.

I’m going to plot two houses in it’s place tomorrow.

Here is me fishing on the beach.

I’m not sure why I took this photo, but there must have been a reason so here you go.

Oh, I also bought 250 turnips at 90 bells each.

I think, yes!

Poncho asked me if I knew Eloisa.

I’m glad my villagers don’t like Eloisa more than me! 😛


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