Desert Island Escape FAIL!

Today I tried to catch 20 fish, to fulfill the initiative.

I ended up catching 12, but I have until Monday, so it’s no problem. At least 10 of them were pond smelts.

I picked up the rococo chair from Cyrus, but I haven’t given him anything new yet. This is going to be a looonngg process.

Do you like my jumper? I think it’s really cute. Definitely a keeper for the basement.

Here you can see where I plotted the new villager’s houses. I didn’t get a shot of it, but I scanned in Wart Jr. (again) to replace Mint, whose house is below Flora’s but not in line!  I’ll scan in Mint again later and hopefully she’ll go in the right place! I’ll have to plot-reset beforehand to make sure.

I didn’t do too well in the turnips area. AM was 94 and PM was a dismal 83.

I also played Desert Island Escape for the second time. Now that I have amiibo cards and figurines, it’s much more tempting to play because I can keep my play coins!*

*Make that ‘play coin.’ I spent the rest on fortune cookies, trying to get a nintendog. No luck :/

Needless to say, I’m still no good at it!

In my defence, Joan was not much of a help, except for that time where she banged into a tree and got some honey. I managed to escape the first time I played, but I still didn’t get a high enough score to complete the level. This time, I killed them all!

Soz guys.

OH ~ Julian gave me his blue flooring for doing some task for him. I sent it back to him in the mail. No, Julian, bad! Don’t change your furniture!


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