Moom Moom

So, in February, my computer broke, so I couldn’t upload my files. Then I got lazy and didn’t post anything, even after it was fixed. Now it’s March and I’m back! For how long? Let’s be honest, probably not long.

What’s been happening, you ask?


I finally completed Main Street! I was expecting something cool inside the Fortune Teller shop, but it’s just the same as the tent :/


How about …no.

Flora had her birthday, too. I ordered a present for her, but then I lost it, so I ended up giving her a marshmallow chair.

Flora, there are two people at this party.

I re-scanned in Mint. Her house position is slightly out of line with Eloisa’s, but I don’t really care anymore.

Mint tea… With Mint.

And here’s the school’s progress. I’ve done a little more since, but I didn’t take a photo.


Oh, Julian. 

Kitty had her birthday, too. I forgot what her got her, but she seemed to like it.

I’ll admit, I got a little teary when she said this.

Now that Polly has finally moved out, I took the opportunity to plant some flowers. Now that I’m thinking about it, I really should have put a QR code in the middle…


My new pwp, which leads up to Eloisa’s house.

I was so surprised when I turned on my DS and bam! All the snow had melted! Since I did most of my landscaping during the Wintertime, it was really cool to see everything with green grass for once.

Rocco room progress.

I time travelled to Autumn in order to buy some of the Sweets set, losing Julian in the progress. Am I sad? Yes. But frankly, I haven’t played ACNL for a month or so, so it was more like ‘oh. okay.’

And finally, here’s a conversation between Marcel and Poncho.


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