Fuchsia Moves In

So today I discovered a house plot where Julian’s house was. I, of course, had just put down all my remaining blue flowers and some purple ones. And now they’re gone! Well, mostly gone. This’ll teach me to put down some more tiles!

It could have been worse, I guess.

I gave away a bunch of fossils (I don’t know if I have ever shared a picture here, but I have over 90 fossils on my beach…) and got a bubble wand in return. It was such a lovely surprise! It’s really fun to blow bubbles everywhere.

I also landscaped around my campsite. I also planted a few trees around the area, which I’ll  eventually cut down into stumps. Now all I need is a few clovers!

Remember how I built that flower arch? I finally got around to fixing up the area, and putting all the flowers in order. I ended up changing the path around a bit, but this is the only photo I took.

Smugs really are the best.

Oh, Kidd.

I took my DS around today, and streetpassed two people! That brings the total count up to three.

O-kay, then. 

…How the heck did I streetpass someone from Japan? Aren’t you supposed to pass them in real life?

My rococo room all refurbished.

The new neighbour is lovely! I’ve decided she’s allowed to stay. Her house is so cute and pink! It fits in well with my theme.

I also went on a shopping spree at GracieGrace’s. Since it’s Spring now, there’s now the Princess series in stock. That’s my favourite!

At least I got something for wasting 1.5 million on furniture??



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