Shamrock Day

I’ll admit, I was surprised when Bonbon moved in. After all, didn’t Fuchsia just move in?

And then I realised. Streetpass.

New badge, yay-hoo!

Fun Fact: The lovely phone in Flora’s house doubles as a FORTUNE TELLER. What?? I had no idea!

After Flora’s house, I stopped off at Kidd’s.

I can’t even.

I also had an odd conversation with Mint.

Is it because I’m wearing an expensive dress??

In all honesty, I haven’t really clicked with Mint yet. Kitty is enough snooty for me! I wish I had picked another normal villager, their designs are so sweet! I really would have liked Fauna. But, alas, I scanned Mint in via amiibo card, so she’s not going anywhere!

I also tried to whack Wart Jr. with my net, only to introduce myself to him! Darn it, I was hoping that never introducing myself would make him move out (stupid Amiibo card rules…)

“A while,” yes.

The noticeboard warned me to wear green for Shamrock Day, but I didn’t. Nothing seemed to happen though.


Sorry about the bad lighting, I didn’t realise it was getting that late, otherwise I would have time travelled to earlier in the day. I know, I know, I’m a cheater.

This cut-out is cute.

After changing into my green jumper, I headed off to the store to see if there was anything I liked.

Perfect for the school!

Poncho was equally enthusiastic about Shamrock Day.

Happy Shamrock Day to you, too, Poncho!

Some more cafe progress -pink roses on the princess tables, with customised royal pink regal tables and a laptop for a register. I plan on getting a proper register once it pops up in the shops.

On the top floor of the school, I added a dorm room. Because why have a regular school when you can have a boarding school? I always wanted to use the alpine set, I could just never figure out where to put it. Now I just need to add some accessories!

Aw, Isabelle.

Yay! I think I’ll make this room the cafeteria.


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