Spring Has Sprung

Or, at least it has in Animal Crossing. In real life, I spend everyday dressed in scarves and thick coats, huddled up by the heater.

With my DS, of course 😉

I decided to create a little game for guests to play when they visit my town -a surprise gift area! I dug a bunch of stuff for them to dig back up -amiibo items, regular items, gems, and so on.

I also buried 5000 bells, forgetting it would turn into a tree. My first money tree! I got    25 000 bells in each bag, and then I cut down the tree.

I’ve also been playing a lot of Desert Island Escape. I’ve never managed to reach the target score yet. On the first level, too. -_-

I’ve also been working on the My Melody room. Now I have two bedrooms, which is a bit of an issue. I suppose this one can be for guests.

Somebody (forgot who), FINALLY suggested the Fairytale bridge. Hooray!

I visited the town of Corvidae, which had this really nice bathroom. I wonder where the floor is from?

I now have three Streetpass houses! I’ve been taking my DS with me everywhere lately, which means it’s almost always out of charge by the time I get home.

My rococo room is coming along well -lots of teddy bears now! I’ve since added one more -a huge pink one!

I kept talking to Portia, hoping she would move in, but she never suggested anything of the sort. 😦 Anybody know a trick to ensure they move in?

Here’s the teddy bear I was talking about before. Isn’t it huge?? I love it!

The flowers are blooming in East Bay now. I don’t like it very much, go back to the way you were before, flowers!

I built a cafeteria in the school. It’s not bad -just needs a few more chairs. And some wallpaper. And maybe a vending machine.

The dorm room looks quite nice, too.

Oh -I also finally got around to selling all the fossils at Re-Tail. I tried to give them away online but didn’t get much interest. I got 40k per pocketful of fossils, and it took quite a few trips. Not sure how much in total though -several hundred, at least.

I purchased Kidd’s amiibo card for $5 online. Now I just need to wait for him to move out, so I can move out Wart Jr and move Kidd back in. I’ll need to plot reset to ensure his house goes in a good spot this time!



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