Hi! Thanks for stumbling upon my blog. At the moment it’s primarily an Animal Crossing blog, but because I don’t want to limit myself to that, I have named this blog simply ‘chargrilled cucumbers.’ The backstory behind that name? Once I gave my friend a birthday present, a book, and I asked them, later, if they enjoyed it. They said it was like chargrilled cucumbers. They later admitted that the book was absolute rubbish.*

*It was Life of Pi. I read it myself and I didn’t like it either.

What does this have to do with Animal Crossing, or my life in general? Well, absolutely nothing, to be honest. I just couldn’t think of a name.

My Animal Crossing Experience

I can’t remember when I began first playing Animal Crossing: Wild World. I must have been around ten or so. I loved it! Goldie was my favourite villager, with Jeremiah and Roald coming a close second and third. When Let’s Go to the City (aka City Folk) came out, I was very excited and gladly paid away my hard-earned $80 or $90.

When New Leaf came out, I was even more excited! I was thirteen. Too bad I wasn’t allowed to buy it! My mother had a strict ‘no more toys’ policy. I bargained with her and she eventually made a deal with me that I could buy a 3DS when I turned fifteen. She was hoping that I would grow out of it. Meanwhile, my two younger sisters both bought 3DS consoles and copies of the game.

When I turned 15, I bought a 3DS console and the game off my sister for $150. I’ve played the game off and on, but I still love it to this day, in 2017. I have just recently purchased Happy Home Designer and an NFC reader. I don’t have a Wii U, but even if I did, I probably wouldn’t buy Amiibo Festival.*

*Okay. Maybe I would.

At the moment, I can’t wait for the Switch, and I hope like mad there’s a new Animal Crossing to go along with it.

My Amiibo Collection

-Cyrus (figurine)

-Reese (figurine)

-K.K. Slider (figurine)


-Wart Jr.