Spring Has Sprung

Or, at least it has in Animal Crossing. In real life, I spend everyday dressed in scarves and thick coats, huddled up by the heater. With my DS, of course 😉 I decided to create a little game for guests to play when they visit my town -a surprise gift area! I dug a bunch… Continue reading Spring Has Sprung

Shamrock Day

I’ll admit, I was surprised when Bonbon moved in. After all, didn’t Fuchsia just move in? And then I realised. Streetpass. New badge, yay-hoo! Fun Fact: The lovely phone in Flora’s house doubles as a FORTUNE TELLER. What?? I had no idea! After Flora’s house, I stopped off at Kidd’s. I can’t even. I also… Continue reading Shamrock Day

Moom Moom

So, in February, my computer broke, so I couldn’t upload my files. Then I got lazy and didn’t post anything, even after it was fixed. Now it’s March and I’m back! For how long? Let’s be honest, probably not long. What’s been happening, you ask? Well… I finally completed Main Street! I was expecting something… Continue reading Moom Moom

Catching a Red King Crab

I have no idea what day these things happened on, I just kept taking photos and now they’re all jumbled together, so here is a really long post showing what I’ve been up to. I had a friend visit East Bay. Just kidding. It was my sister. I bought a gorgeous sofa. Even though I… Continue reading Catching a Red King Crab