Spring Has Sprung

Or, at least it has in Animal Crossing. In real life, I spend everyday dressed in scarves and thick coats, huddled up by the heater. With my DS, of course 😉 I decided to create a little game for guests to play when they visit my town -a surprise gift area! I dug a bunch… Continue reading Spring Has Sprung

Shamrock Day

I’ll admit, I was surprised when Bonbon moved in. After all, didn’t Fuchsia just move in? And then I realised. Streetpass. New badge, yay-hoo! Fun Fact: The lovely phone in Flora’s house doubles as a FORTUNE TELLER. What?? I had no idea! After Flora’s house, I stopped off at Kidd’s. I can’t even. I also… Continue reading Shamrock Day

Catching a Red King Crab

I have no idea what day these things happened on, I just kept taking photos and now they’re all jumbled together, so here is a really long post showing what I’ve been up to. I had a friend visit East Bay. Just kidding. It was my sister. I bought a gorgeous sofa. Even though I… Continue reading Catching a Red King Crab